Async Audio stream / EAGI

Hello everyone.
The task I want to accomplish is:

  • playback audio to the caller or do any other task
  • in the same time run EAGI or whatever in the background to access voice stream (for processing it, etc);

The main idea here is to run those tasks together at the same moment.

EAGI itself works nice, but STREAM FILE (and others) locks execution.
ARI does not have access to the stream (as well as AMI).

I know about Monitor, but it writes to file by huge chunks, well I need a faster idea. May be there is a way to adjust buffer size before it flushes?

I have also tried ExtenSpy(exten@context, Eo), but it receives no data in EAGI script. May I do anything wrong here?

Then, I’ve heard about JACK HOOK, but here I do not know where to start. Does anyone know is there any way to retrieve audio stream that came into JACK server. Theoretically I know it is possible, bu what is the real way?

I have tried so many things to no avail…
Could anyone help me with that task?

Did you find solution for this? I guess that I have same problem. If I execute some asterisk application from EAGI script - the audio stream will lost.