AsteriskNow trunk statuses

At AstriskNow my trunk status is 120 and colored in red. This is probably not good but I can’t find any documentation on these trunk statuses. Does anyone know what this status means? Or, even better where I could find documentation on this subject?

There is an AsteriskNow sub-forum.

I assume that the trunk status is coming from asterisk.

Is there any documentation on the trunk statuses?

No it is not. A trunk will be an abstraction, created by AsteriskNow, on top of Asterisk.

Asterisk currently has no concept of any distinction between SIP trunks and SIP extensions, and, for other technologies, a trunk might even be made up of muliple Asterisk devices.

“120” doesn’t bear any obvious relation to anything that would be output by sip show peers or sip show users.

Without understanding AsteriskNOW, one won’t know what to look for using the Asterisk CLI and configuration files.

If you want this debugging at the Asterisk level, you need to provide Asterisk level debugging information, Asterisk level configuration files and be prepared to make fixes to the latter that may break AsteriskNOW.