AsteriskNOW - LDAP intergration

Hello, everyone!
I had installed AsteriskNOW in a dedicated server and I had installed in another one Windows Server 2012 in order to use it as an LDAP server. I want somehow to integrate AsteriskNOW with LDAP and I would like to know:

  1. AD CS, AD DS, AD LDS are appropriate LDAPs?
  2. How can I “connect” AsteriskNOW with AD?

Every opinion is more that welcome!
Thanks a lot!


res_config_ldap isn’t one of the core-supported modules within Asterisk; I’m fairly certain we don’t build it into AsteriskNOW. If you want res_config_ldap, you’ll want to build Asterisk yourself from source. Here’s a bit from the Asterisk book about LDAP and Asterisk: … 91590.html

Hello and thanks for the instant answer!
So, in your opinion, is it better to install in the Windows Server 2012 an OpenLDAP?
Thanks in advance!


No, in my opinion it’s better to eschew AsteriskNOW, rather to compile Asterisk from scratch on top of an existing Linux distribution.

Hello again!
Now I’m trying to figure out how to import users from an LDAP server to Asterisk. Any help would be very appreciated!