Asterisk and ldap

Hi all !

I’m trying desperately since one week to successfully install an asterisk with ldap support…

I have actually 3 different test installations and no one works with the ldap :angry:

I have :

  1. an asterisk 1.2.3 with LDAPget : seriously I didn’t understund a thing about it’s working…

2)an asterisk (the version on the debian testing repository) installed@apt-get where I have no clue how to add the module res_ldap

3)an asterisk SVN-trunk-r114487 compiled with res-ldap but I have a lot of problems on this one : no asterisk user were created so I created one but even after giving him audio/video/ect rights, he can’t execute /usr/sbin/asterisk (he execute the canary instead) and evene if I run asterisk with root, netstat -an doesn’t show me the port 5060 :angry:

To sum it, I don’t know if I better should simply reinstall a trunk version with proper post-installation action (what are they btw ???) or if it’s simpler to add the res_ldap module in my installation (how to do this ?)

I really need your help here, thx in advance.