Asterisknow call forward

Hi, I have AsteriskNow: Asterisk
I’m trying to conf call forward. How to configurate this feature? What definitions are needed in extension.conf? And what is easiest way to configurate call forward remotely for asterisk server?

use your terminal to dial those code, you will get call forward.
8.1 Feature Codes - List
*411 Directory
*43 Echo Test
*60 Time
*61 Weather
*62 Schedule wakeup call
*65 festival test (your extension is XXX)
*70 Activate Call Waiting (deactivated by default)
*71 Deactivate Call Waiting
*72 Call Forwarding System
*73 Disable Call Forwarding
*77 IVR Recording
*78 Enable Do-Not-Disturb
*79 Disable Do-Not-Disturb
*90 Call Forward on Busy
*91 Disable Call Forward on Busy
*97 Message Center (does no ask for extension)
*98 Enter Message Center
*99 Playback IVR Recording
666 Test Fax
7777 Simulate incoming call