Asterisk + Xlite

Hi there,

I have asterisk 4.x version and xlite free version installed . it works great. but only problem is call transfer issues, as per xlite, i came to know to do transfer the calls from one xlite ext. to other xlite ext. i need to buy licensed copy of it.

How should can i make call transfer using the free version of xlite?

Any suggestions should should greatly appreciated.


I don’t think that you can.

I tried creating a conference call with two points and then dropping off of the call. That didn’t work at all.

SJphone has a free version that has a transfer function.

Hye i have a question If iam calling on a different LAN do i have to pay .Because on same LAn its working perfectly but on different LAn it is not getting Connected

Is it possible to create dial plan to accept # / flash key to tranfer the call using xlite free version in asterisk ?


Any help on this ?