Asterisk working then suddenly registration time out's


Can someone offer suggestions as to what I can check to stop the following happening.

I have Asterisk setup and the SIP trunk registered with BT, everything appears OK I can make and receive calls. Then at random it seems callers get a destination equipment is turned off or unavailable announcement.

When I look in the logs I can’t see anything that suggests a problem though they are full of the following
chan_sip.c: Registration for '’ timed out, trying again

rebooting the server corrects the problem but eventually it re occurs.

Thanks in advanced

Are you on a consumer grade broadband connection? Many ISPs deliberately break DHCP and the PPPoA equivalent, reputedly to prevent consumer accouts being used to run servers.

Configured as intended, your IP address will never change, even if you disconnect for some time, but consumer grade accounts often deliberately change the IP address.

Thanks for the reply.

I dont have a static IP on the WAN interface but do have dynamic DNS setup and the WAN ip address changes are date/time stamped and logged so going forward I can check if the Asterisk issues is IP related as you imply.

Might you be able to explain a little as to why an IP address change would cause this issue. Surley if the registration details are correct (which they are) I should just re register?

Because Asterisk has a reasonable expectation that its IP address will be the same for the whole duration of its execution, so doesn’t repeatedly query the interfaces to update the address it uses in Contact: headers, or for that matter, to rebind the interface.

The only explanation, other than total incompetence, for the IP address changes whilst an xDSL session is up, or after a short interruption, is to nobble accounts so they are not suitable for serious business use.

Just as an update david55 is correct. My issue is down to the WAN IP address changing.

Hopefully I can get round this by using under the general section in the sip_general_custom.conf file.

If any one has experience of doing this I would be interested to hear any advice.

Thumbs Up david55 :smiley: