Asterisk won't register

I’ve got a working Asterisk/Ubuntu install at rackspace, which I cloned as a backup server.
The clone server runs/asterisk runs, I can get into the CLI but its completely dead, I mean nothing seems to be happening.
I try to register a UA, do a pcap capture, and I can see the register request coming in, but asterisk doesn’t seem to be doing anything to respond…
I wracking my brains for what might have changed, the only change is the IP really. I’ve done the netstat to check ports are listening, and they are…any ideas?

try “sip set debug on” then you can see the sip packets and any error in registering .

Thanks for your suggestion.
Errrr…when I run the debug on and try the registration, I can’t find any reference to the IP of the UA in the CLI readout, although it does appear to be registering with the sip providers, so its talking outside the box.
This should have been a bit/bit copy /rebuild from image so all the iptable stuff is the same as the working one…any suggestions?

stop your iptables for a second and test if it is registering or not ?

Errr…this is embarrassing, but yes, that is working (I’m not Linux nor Asterisk person i’m afraid), but…those Iptable settings are working ok on the other server, why would they behave differently here?
Can I show you the iptable LS to get some advice?

Actually, thanks very much for your help. Its fixed. When I went back to rackspace, they admitted that when you clone a server, unless you tick the ‘unsubcribe’ box, they add a ton of extra iptable rules, so its nowhere near the same.

Nice to hear that . if you want to work with asterisk you should learn some linux stuff too .