Asterisk with SunRay Thin clients

I want to associate a SunRay DTU with an IP phone so that when a user inserts his smart card into the SunRay DTU to start/resume his session, the IP Phone associated with that SunRay DTU automatically becomes the user’s VoIP extension. In other words, just like a user can roam by ending his session on one SunRay workstation and then continue it on another, I would like his VoIP extension number to roam with him.
Has anyone done this with asterisk? If not, any ideas on how to get rolling on this?



i would love this to work but to be honest with you i have tried really hard to get it going… theorically it would simply require you to get softphone that worked… i have not found one yet…

the mitel solution is really slick… the price tag is pretty large and when i spoke to them it is not really out in production yet (this was almost a year ago so things change)