Asterisk with Multitech voip MVP810

Hi friends,

i have asterisk 1.2 installed and configured with tested and working fine with softphone. so i am planning to buy new hardware like sipura.,cisco … while i was thinking to buy, there was sudden flash that i use multitech for voip kinds… so i somewhere i saw that it supports SIP too. in it has got a sip proxy option and figured a port as fxo and used that port for incoming /outgoing line.

In bound setting in multitech , i entered the extenion number and mapped the corresponding port for the digit and outbound , i do not know , what digit pattern , i have to enter, Since it is already connected to analog pbx, i gave digit , belongs to ext which is through from analog pbx.

so to configure the outbound as for asterisk, i gave extension number… and ip of asterisk.

in general , there was a provision to give sip proxy user name and password option , so i gave user name and password for this extension. and i am thinking that multitech is taking this authentication for this whole box so i am in confused state, like we used to seperate user name and password for each and every ext. ??

Also the multitech got registed with asterisk , i saw its status through sip show peers… from asterisk… so when make call to extenion. which i cofigured for multitech port…

i got a response this extension is busy. not able to connect …

i shall be thankfull, if any help me to configure asteisk for multitech sip configurations!!!