Asterisk with Digital PCM Interface

Hi Guys,

I have an Iridium modem which I want to use as a trunk in Asterisk, so far I just tried the simple way by using the alsa channel and pluging the analog ports of the modem to the sound card. It’s working pretty well but it’s not really what I want.

I’m going soon to have another modem which only provides digital pcm input/output ports (no more analog). I don’t have any clear clues on how to interface this new modem.

  1. How to interface a digital pcm input/output to my system. The digital port provice : Clock, Tx, Rx and Frame Sync. Which kind of chip should I look for ?
  2. How to bind this new interface in Asterisk ? (maybe something similar to app_rpt)
  3. Let’s say I want to have 2 of this trunk, what should be done/developped in Asterisk to make it works. Where should I start to look to get some coding inspiration :wink: I know chan_alsa is not really the solution since it’s meant for only one console channel.

Thanks in advance for any idea and tips.



Hey, I was just looking at this myself. Did you ever get anywhere with this?