Asterisk while away from the office!

Hello I have been trying to find some answers but there are a lot of conflicting answers on the net !

if i buy a cisco Wifi Phone , Can I go away and be able to be in My Asterisk Server to make calls , and My Team Mates to be able to call me by dialing an extension ? of Course i know I have to be connected to a Wifi hot Spot.

is there any firewall issue that will incur ?


yes, and there will(may) be a nat issue. and to be honest using a CIsco wifi handset has to be the biggest waste of money you will make. SIP wifi handsets are avalible from many suppliers at a fraction of Cisco prices and without the support and licence complicatons.

have a look at Hitachi UTstarcom or perieli (miss spelt) who do a nice gsm/sip phone

Nat issues will depend on if you asterisk has a real external interface or not.


OK now What’s best to do Put my Asterisk in My DMZ zone ( No firewall ) or behind a router and Use NAT, Even if you foward the ports it’s still an issue ?

To overcome nat issues you need a real external IP not DMZ and not port forward.


When I put a PC on the DMZ Zone in mY router it gives that Pc a Public Ip Adress.
is there any Security Risk ?
Thanks !


Yes if you don’t have iptables setup correctly,
are you saying that the interface you will put in the DMZ has a external address ie you will have eth0 with 192.168.1.XXX and eth1 in the Dmz WITH ? as long as you have no natting you will be OK when it comes to sip