Asterisk was working but know "Illegal instruction (core dumped)"


I have installed asterisk on Ubuntu and it was working fine until one day I start to get this error message whenever i try to run asterisk “Illegal instruction (core dumped)”

The hardware doesn’t change and I’m using VM.

Where did you compile it. There are known problems with compiling on VMs with the VM lying about the true hardware capability. In such cases you need to disable the build option that causes Asterisk to compile targetted for the exact build machine.

Thank you.

It has been installed and complied on the same VM. it is an Azure VM and didn’t been moved anywhere else.

If BUILD_NATIVE is set, the compiler asks the OS what the machine capabilities are. VMs can lie. This results in the code being built for the claimed capabilities, not the real ones.

Your VM can be moved between host systems by Azure, resulting in a difference in hardware.


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