Asterisk failed to start with error Illegal Instruction

Hi all,

I after I change the ubuntu 18.04 cloud Server RAM size from 2.5GB to 1GB i got the error " Illegal Instruction" when i start Asterisk. Now i change it back to 2.5Gb and still the same error. I have now change the CPU Core to from 1 to 2 and RAM to 3Gb but still.
I get the message below after Server reboot:

-- All system services necessary queued for starting at boot have been
-- started. Note that this does not mean that the machine is now idle as services
-- might still be busy with completing start-up.
-- Kernel start-up required 34552482 microseconds.
-- Initial RAM disk start-up required INITRD_USEC microseconds.
-- Userspace start-up required 14145194 microseconds

Asterisk was built for too specific a CPU and/or the machine on which it was built, if the same as the target, lied about the CPU capabilities (a well known problem for some VMs). You need to disable BUILD_NATIVE when building, and, possibly, also specify a lowest common denominator architecture.

Thanks for the reply @david551. So I have to rebuild asterisk again?
Asterisk was actually working fine, the problem only started after I lower the RAM size

I assume the RAM size change caused the VM to be moved to a new host, which didn’t have the same exact processor type as the original one

You right @david551 about the cause, so I had to rebuild Asterisk and its okay now. Thanks for the support.

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