Asterisk voicemail users

Hey all,

I don’t want to move all config to database. I just want to move the user table to database and otherwise keep voicemail as is.

I.e. I have currently a voicemail.conf file that contain a lot of config data which can stay where they are, however at end I have several contexts and mailboxes defined and those are what I want to move to a database.

How to specify that? The documentation appear to provide an all or nothing approach in which you either have everything in .conf files or else you move everything to a database keeping the voicemail.conf file empty or near empty.

Any help for someone who wants to split and do everything except the mailboxes settings, i.e. the format, the message format etc are specified in voicemail.conf but the mailboxes are taken from a suitable database?

I use MySQL for the database.


you can use RealTime Static to do this, but i’ve never tried to split the config file between a db and the conf file.

Main reason why I want to split is that I have a voicemail.conf that is working just fine and don’t like to mess things up by changing too much. It is just that I don’t want to modify the .conf file each time we get a new user defined.

If I put the whole thing into database how do I set up that database then? For example, I have a statement in my voicemail.conf that says:

; Default formats for writing Voicemail

For one thing, I like that you can put comments in the .conf file. I doubt you can do that in the database so I will have to place any such info in external documentation. Fair enough, I can do that but exactly how do I put this in the database? What fields do I define and what content do I place in that table? I presume I make one table for voicemail.conf and so I have to have one field that hold the context (‘general’) and another field that hold the name or thing being defined (‘format’) and then one field for the thing after the ‘=’ (æwav49|gsm|wav’)

Or should I instead have 3 rows with general and format and then specify wav49 in one, gsm in another and then wav in a third?

I have installed asterisk and so far everything is configured in .conf files but I really need to move the voicemail users to database but I really don’t have a clue how to do it.


here : … ime+Static

Thank you