Asterisk ver18.5 and pjsip ver2.11 segmfault

Dear all,

I am setting up a new environment with Asterisk 18.5 and pjsip 2.11.
After successful (hopefully) installation, each time pjsip tries to process an INVITE message, asterisk service gets restarted and I observed also segmentation fault messages at /var/log/messages, like:
segfault at 50 ip 0000… sp 0000… error 4 in

I have a similar system built about 8 months ago, currently with Asterisk 18.4 and pjsip 2.10, which is working fine.
My question is if you have faced similar problems with this specific configuration. I am thinking of trying 18.4/2.10, in order to follow the same (working) setup. However I am also afraid that I may face the same issue.
How should I proceed?
Thank you in advance.

After configuring Asterisk ver 18.4 and pjsip ver 2.10, there is no segmentation fault.
I do not know if it is an issue of pjsip 2.11 or of the combination Asterisk 18.5 and pjsip 2.11. However, please keep in mind this error, since it was reproduced with a basic setup.

All such things should be reported to the issue tracker[1] as that is where issues are tracked. You’d also need to provide a backtrace[2] on any filed issue.

[1] System Dashboard - Digium/Asterisk JIRA
[2] Getting a Backtrace - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki

Hi jcolp,
unfortunately right now I do not have the corresponding setup, in order to reproduce this issue and provide the backtrace.
However, another member of the community might face something similar.

Additionally, Asterisk has not been tested with PJSIP 2.11 as of yet and it is not supported. Bundled is currently 2.10.

Hi jcolp,
I was not aware of it. Really useful information, that I did not observe. Thank you.

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@stzikop - any chance you still have a copy of the original INVITE that was being sent to asterisk?


no I do not have the original INVITE. Issue was not reproduced with 2.10.