Asterisk using Network Attached Storage

Ok, if you have a bunch of asterisk boxes it becomes a huge pain in the neck to manage all those /var/lib/asterisk/sounds and everyone’s individual greetings, so im trying to have these all on a single network share. Currently this is a Windows Server. with a simple share folder.

So in Linus i have mounded the share, like this:

All good so far! Asterisk reads these file perfectly and plays back 100% its all perfect… But… Asterisk doesn’t appear to have full access to this folder.

We use:

quite a bit, but Asterisk fails to write to the disk. This of course is fine without the network drive mounted.

So what can i do to get this to work? It does appear that the mount is read/write, because using vi, i can write a file to the disk, no problem. Is it a mount issue, or an asterisk permission issue? Is there a better way to mount the network folder? btw, im running asterisk as root (if that makes any difference)