Asterisk to Linphone sound playback delay, and then choppy


I’ve got this PXA270 board set-up with Linphone 1.2.0 and am trying to get linphonec to work with Asterisk.

I have the echo test working, but when I dial in to this, to voicemail or anything else using Playback() to play a sample, I hear nothing for ages (10-15 secs) and then little sections. With the echo test, I get the tail of the message (…pressing the pound key…pressing the pound key…) echoed rather well, but sound quality is a little poor.

I have Sipomatic tested over the same cross-over network connection… perfect.
I have made calls to my mobile via SipGate… takes a while to start, but then perfect.

I thought it might be because I was using OSS emulation, but I recompiled to use ALSA pure (without ‘Jack’, that had issues) and got the exact same results.

Does anyone have a working config they could post, or any idea what may be the issue?

I am running Asterisk on a 1600Mhz laptop, so I doubt it’s short of cycles - and I don’t think I did anything special as regards config.

I used this as a template for the linphone config … e+linphone

I’ve tried the apt-get asterisk (1.2 I think) on Debian, and also this PXE version (booting my laptop from the board)

And this as a starting point for my Asterisk config files. … oc49248767