Asterisk to Asterisk IP trunk connection

I want to setup two Asterisk servers via the Internet. At bothe ends, FXO cards will be installed so users can call the other end via PSTN services.

A point A caller will call the point A PBX (via a PSTN connection), dial an access number and will get attached to Point B PBX. Another access number is dialed and will give the point A caller a point B (PSTN) dial-tone.

Is this possible without the two PBX linked via a VoIP (SIP or IAX compatible) service provider? Has anyone tried this?


Hey I’m trying to do the same thing and was wondering if you had any luck finding any information and might want to share.

You SHOULD be able to do this as a simple trunking excercise.

It would allow extension to extension dialing between the two PBX’s and low cost routing. (So phone numbers that are local to PBX A, can be reached from PBX B by simply dialing the number.)

Look up IAX trunks. … X+channels

Use them in a standard routing arrangement as the first choice for any calls you want to route to the opposite PBX.