Asterisk timing source?

hi all

I am using currently CentOs 5.4 as opertating system and Asterisk® Open Source PBX asterisk
I wan to know by default what is the timing source used by asterisk ? and what is the timing source used by asterisk when asterisk.conf
"internal_timing = yes" is set

I am also not able to build resource module res_timerfd

please guide me thanks in advance


Why are you using such an obsolete version? I’m not sure if that version supports res_timerfd, but, if it does, the implementation will be buggy. With that version, you should be using dahdi as your timing source.

Thanks david
just one more thing timing_pthread can be buggy in this version ? and is it bad to use timing_pthread as timing source?

thanks in advance

It is OK to use pthread timing in current versions. is not a current version.