Asterisk supports only up to 64 different pickupgroups?

Is it true that only 64 different pickupgroups are supported in asterisk?

afaik, an extension can be configured as part of a pickupgroup as followed:


where n is a number between 0 and 63.

It seems such a low number that I almost can’t believe it (in asterisk 1.0 it was only 32 pickupgroups I’m told).

Is this going to be upgraded in the future?
Or is it easily changed in the sourcecode so that, let’s say 1024 pickupgroups are supported?



please explain DETAILLED what you exactly need.
I “think” i know what you want, thats why im asking.

The whole pickupgroup thingie is really only handy for a small small group. There are MANY issues with pickgroups (like you cant control WHICH call you pick incase there is more then one call present into the same group), rendering the function not REALLY usefull…

I have a special routine for picking up calls, maybe its the one you need, but i need to know what you want to do exactly.

Thanks for your reply Richard,

What I’m looking for is a way to increase the number of 64 supported pickupgroups to at least 128.

My experience is that the pickupgroups are just fine for what I use it for. The only thing is the low number of pickupgroups supported by asterisk. :wink:

Dude, no1 is using that many pickupgroups :laughing:
You want a “targeted pickup”, no ?

Just offered… :smiling_imp:

I agree that there will be very few instances where you would need an excess amount of pickupgroups. That’s true, but to say it’s nowhere needed is a bit too far on the other side for me :wink:

I can remember that from asterisk 1.0 to 1.2 the amount was ‘upgraded’ from 32 to 64. I think it’s a bit weird to not make the limit is a bit more than just 64.

Anyway, I guess I’ll need to wait until asterisk 1.4 to have it upgraded again to 124 (or can I even dream: unlimited (like extensions)) :laughing: