Asterisk, sjphone and qtek9000

I’m in the proces of testing the last version of sjphone for wm5 on a qtek9000. Technically it is working. Sjphone is registered (phone number 506) through an open access point on my own asterisk server through nat. This registration does work.

The file included in extensions.conf in asterisk is:

callerid=“506” <506>

I host the asterisk server, someone I know owns the qtek9000 and we are testing it together. When he calls me on my cellphone it is technically speaking working but I have an awfull echo with a delay of almost 2 seconds on the line while the qtek9000 owner has a acceptable call quality.

Any suggestion is welcome. I really hope that this problem can be solved because a qtek9000 with a good working sip client that can be registered on your own asterisk server or registered on the server of an IP provider like Voop is a very attractive and appealing combination. Before spending time I would like to receive some suggestion. Thanks in advance. I crossposted this question (also on th sjphone forum) because it’s a kind of mixed problem.

Erik de Wild

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I use this in the UK (where its the XDA exec From o2) with asterisk. Firstly are you using the correct version of SJphone?

But no matter, The problem is that its stereo and one of the speakers is close to the Mic. This seemsto be a problem with all these phones I previously used the previous versio with the slide out keyboard which was better as its mono.
The problem is that the softphones dont use the phone speaker.