Asterisk + SIPGate

Project: Call a SIPGate phone # that Asterisk can answer and be able to manipulate (I just want it to simulate a dialpad key press then hang up - for right now).
Goal: An excuse to install Linux on my laptop and play with telephony communication stuff.

Asterisk Version: 1.8
Linux: Ubuntu 10.10

My question is really just, how do I get SIPGate to talk to Asterisk?

I’ve tried using the sip.conf and extensions.conf from sipgate’s website: … e_Asterisk
but I can’t get any variation of these settings to work.

I’ve got my Laptop (running Asterisk) set to DMZ mode on my router, and have tried my 9 digit SIP-ID as 7 digits thinking maybe it reads numerical only and the “e0” on the end of it was messing it up - no avail.

After modifying these configs I’ve tried restarting the server, reloading the configs and/or restarting the whole computer in different variations but none appear to have any affect.

I’ve tried copy/pasting this data into these two config files at the top or bottom along with all the other stuff that’s already in the config files (default to installation). Also I’ve tried to just save new config files with nothing but these settings in them.

I assume when this works I’ll get a “ONLINE” status next to my VoIP phone in the SIPGate panel on their website, just like I do when I use the softphone software to connect? I don’t know how else to test it to make sure it’s connected or not.

Any ideas why this isn’t working at all? I’m not even at a journeyman level with Linux but it doesn’t even push any errors when I terminal “asterisk -r” to it or change anything so I’m not sure where to go from here.

Also I assume the extensions.conf has nothing to do with the initial communication to SIPGate from Asterisk. The extensions.conf tells Asterisk how to handle a phone call after it’s already connected to SIPGate, correct?

SIP_ID = The SIP ID obtained from SIPGate’s “SIP Credentials” window on their website.
SIP_PW = The SIP Password obtained from same area.


register => SIP_ID:SIP_PW@sipgate/SIP_ID



exten => SIP_ID,1,NoOp(— ${CALLERID} calling on Sipgate (#{EXTEN}) —)
exten => SIP_ID,2,Dial(SIP/office,20)
exten => SIP_ID,3,Answer
exten => SIP_ID,4,Wait,1
exten => SIP_ID,5,Voicemail(su4)
exten => SIP_ID,6,Hangup