Asterisk Sip Server Info?

Hey all,
I was successfully able to install asterisk.I have a few doubts though:

1)I am using a data card.I have to create two softphone. In my softphone I have to provide server info.How to get asterisk server info?Is it the same as the ip address of my net?the one I see in ip config?

2)To install asterisk I used sudo apt-get install asterisk.(Dahdi,libial are all installed).But still I was not able to see some of the config file in my /etc/asterisk.So I downloaded the asterisk source and copied the config from sample to /etc/asterisk.Does it work?How to install the missing config.

Please reply. :smile:

By default, Asterisk binds to all the interfaces.

However, the sort of questions you are asking make me feel you need to read the book at, and if you still don’t understand, you need to pay for a course or a consultant.

Hey there,
Sorry am new to web world.
I thought its like apache. We just have to type our ip address.And it will fetch us index.html the pages.Isnt it so?