Asterisk services are not starting with ssl on 8089 port after configured http.conf

i configured http.conf with LetsEncrypt/slef signed ssl certificate but secure services are not starting on port 8089. I follow docs and i visited Not able to connect Asterisk while trying with WSS connection but it didn’t resolve and i stuck at this point. The hello world program and mini http server part is working correct with softphone.
Asterisk cli output of http show status is
HTTP Server Status:
Server: Asterisk/17.4.0
Server Enabled and Bound to
Enabled URI’s:
/httpstatus => Asterisk HTTP General Status
/phoneprov/… => Asterisk HTTP Phone Provisioning Tool
/metrics/… => Prometheus Metrics URI
/ari/… => Asterisk RESTful API
/ws => Asterisk HTTP WebSocket
Enabled Redirects:
Please help me to overcome this issue.

It is obvious, but don’t forget to activate the tls mode in the http.conf

You have also to declare the certificates path

considering that your certificates are in this directory (and are linked to *.pem files) when generated by letsencrypt

or the directory of your own certificates in case of self-signed certificates (don’t forget to copy and accept the CA certificates to be able to access the server)

If the certificates are not valid or well defined, it does not work and the port 8089 is not bound

check this link, a very good explanation on how to activate tls on embedded http server in Asterisk with a self signed certificates and websocket

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