Asterisk Servers with MONAST

Hi All,

I have a question, we have the monast platform which Monitor our asterisk servers.
Some of the servers status are displayed on the Monast platform while others are not

i have checked the configurations of the servers on MONAST server - they are well defined
Monast_user is configured correctly on all asterisk servers

I did find the following:

All servers which are not working have Asterisk Call Manager/5.0.0
While those which are working have Asterisk Call Manager/2.9.0 and Asterisk Call Manager/2.6.0

Can you please advise if this can be related and if so what can be done in order to resolve this issue

The project doesn’t create this functionality you are referring to, so you may not find anyone who knows here. I can say, though, that if it’s not expecting/supporting 5.0.0 as a version string or it can’t work with newer AMI… then depending on how it is written it could cause problems.

Thanks alot for your reply- will keep to check it :slight_smile: