Asterisk server on Home Router Setup - How To

Dear all,

I am just someone who is trying to get a basic VOIP PSTN bridge configured in his house.

The background is that I have unlimited calling to over 60 countries (through Vonage) and since I am never at home and travelling a lot for work I would like to setup something that I can use to dial out through the Vonage PSTN link and make calls through an IP Softphone or my iPhone.

I have an asterisk server running at home on my QNAP NAS. Is there any home router / switch that I can configure to either bridge / tunnel calls through the Asterisk server or host one on its own?

I know there are some Linksys routers with WAN / PSTN ports that might help.
Please let me know if Asterisk does not seem to be a good solution either and I can make do with only the hardware device.

Would like to leverage on your expertise and advise please.
Your help in this matter would be most appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,