Asterisk Ring Back Tone Detect While Dialing

All viewers, hope everything going well, I trying to get ring back tone of channel while dialing & if get ring back tone (183) response from callee side then it will redirect to play IVR, without call get connected, something like below

exten => _X.,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN:0}@SIP_Trunk,45,G(IVR_Play^s^1^${EXTEN})S(9))

hope I explain well, if not you can asked, thanks for your kind attention, waiting for your helpful reply.

it is not possible in the dialplan to route call if you recive a 183
if you need that kind of controle you must use AMI or ARI

also way do you want to react on 183, depending on what number you dial or route your provider uses you could get it instead of a 180 Ringing

Thanks for your reply Mark, Actually I want to see Realtime call stats on live calls like Dialing | Ringing | Active

Now only dialing & Active I can get the stats, I don’t understand how can I get Realtime Callee Ringing stats.

Like when callee phone will ring only that time it will show Ringing, I know its possible but bit confused how to make it. hope you can guide me. Thanks ones again for your reply

witch version of Asterisk are you using
also there is an limitation that asterisk will not indicate RINNGING if it only receive an 183
that is because of its ISUP origin where there is no direct mapping to a state

I am using Asterisk 18 with chan_sip

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