Asterisk respond 404 for IMS inbound contains TEL:+

My operator invite my asterisk using TEL:+ format, does asterisk supports TEL format

if it asterisk does not support can you please tell how to patch chan_sip.c
and if asterisk supports TEL what do i need to configure in sip and exten

Thank you in advance

For the answers are no and no (if it were simple enough to provide as an answer in a peer support forum, it would already be in the official code - also, any code provided here cannot be used in the official code, so if someone were to provide code the sensible way would be as an official new feature patch against the trunk version).

set_destination appears to be the most likely place in the code to start.

If it does support TEL: in 1.8.x, the easiest way to work out how to configure it would be to look at the error message in the CLI log, and make sure that you used the string that it was complaining about not matching.

Have you considered asking IMS whether they support SIP:? I believe support is required for SIP implementations.

Doesn’t appear to be any support in the trunk version either.

Incidentally, it isn’t TEL:+ format, it is TEL: format. The plus is part of the number and I would expect Asterisk to treat it that way, if it were to support TEL:

Thank you

My operator forwards TEL: towards my asterisk whenever the call comes from PSTN

Can someone help me out in details how to apply below patch to solve TEL: uri issue

Get the Asterisk source code for the latest 1.6.2 series version and all prerequisite development libraries.
Install required development tools.

Extract the Asterisk source.

In the top level directory run

patch -p0 < the-second-patch-file
Manually fix-up any failures due to changes in Asterisk after

run ./configure

run make menuconfig
Adjust settings as required.

run make

run make install.

This assumes running as root and a valid root install already exists, in the standard places.