Asterisk redundancy with Realtime

Asterisk was configured for redundancy using pacemaker. In a system that does not use a Realtime, telephone voice is maintained(direct media option) even after failover, but in a system that uses a Realtime, telephone voice is cut off after a failover. What could be expected could be the cause?

Asterisk does not do live failover, any state for existing calls would be gone.

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I know that Asterisk does not do live failover. But, What I want to ask is that the direct media option doesn’t seem to work when using Realtime.

Your post wasn’t clear on that. The direct media setting is not affected by realtime, as long as all settings and conditions are right such that direct media actually occurs. You would need to verify everything.

The direct media option doesn’t seem to work if the dialplan has the mixmonitor application.

And if there is a transfer option in the dial application, the direct media option doesn’t seem to work.

I found a post about this issue.

Asterisk’s direct media option is still incompatible with the dial application’s transfer option and the mixmonitor application?

You can’t have media going directly if Asterisk has to record it. It has to have the media to do that. The transfer option is also dependent on the DTMF mode in use. If RFC4733 is in use, that goes over the RTP which then can’t go direct because Asterisk has to be able to see the DTMF.

It’s fairly obvious that MixMonitor is impossible with direct media.

Since rfc4733 is being used, dtmf is also impossible. mixmonitor is also impossible. Yes, thanks everyone for letting me know.

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