Asterisk Failover without dropped calls


I try to set up a HA-system with two *-boxes. They are controlled with hearbeat. Everything is fine. If one fails, the other box takes virtual IP and starts *, so all users can reconnect. but the running calls are dropped.
Is there any solution to let the calls go on on the other box if the first box fails?



This is what Asterisk SCF is built for: … k+SCF+Home

If you are able to use directmedia, the RTP path will bypass Asterisk and the call will stay up until the next signalling event. Various features are incompatible with direct media.


thanks for the answers.
directmedia doesn’t work. (Provider has no support >:-(
Malcolm, do you think I can use Asterisk SCF in a production enviroment now?


Asterisk SCF is not yet production-ready. It should be at or near public beta in the late Fall. I encourage you to read-up on the platform at the URLs provided by malcolmd and join us on a conference call in the future to learn more.


Hi Bryan,

thanks for the info. I will check the pages for sure. :smile:

Is there any other option to keep a call up in case of a failover? I tried with heartbeat and virtual ip, but I have no idea how to “move” the call to the backup-machine. I have two identical machines, with realtime-config over MySQL-DB on a different server. config-files are checked with SVN.
I can’t use directmedia 'cause asterisk is the endpoint (GW to provider).

Any ideas? Anyone?


Asterisk isn’t capable of moving the call from one Asterisk to another, it’s a limitation that’s only overcome with the change in paradigm provided by Asterisk SCF. Providing this kind of capability, not possible with Asterisk, is one of the driving reasons behind Asterisk SCF.