Asterisk recordings saving in wrong path with wrong name

We have been experiencing problems with Asterisk C3.9 where the meetme recordings are being saved to the wrong directory and contain wrong name. Asterisk server is commanded through AMI to save them in /var/asterisk/recordings, but we occasionally find recordings in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds with a random name such as “??? .wav”. We have also seen the problem where recording are not created at all. Our process is using AMI to set MEETME_RECORDINGFILE global variable to /var/asterisk/recordings/conf_303.wav and then executing originate command with application meetme 303|qr. We have monitored the MEETME_RECORDINGFILE global variable and it is being set correctly. Problem is present 20 – 30% of the times. Any suggestions on troubleshooting it are greatly appreciated.


Support for that version ceased some time ago. You should migrate to a supported LTS version of Asterisk, notably a -cert branch.