Asterisk recording hardware


im looking for a way of decreasing load on asteriskserver to maximize amount of channels. is there anyone who knows of external hardware for recording calls.

/ MArcus


you also can check with sangoma tap box.

thanks both, the oreka looks interesting. the recording involves recording of hundreds of sip calls and oreka looks like something in the right direction.

you dont by nay chance have any tip regarding monitoring of call quality. the sort like manageengine voip monitor, but perhaps open source?

Anyone know of software to monitor call quality, preferably open source but not a requirement.

/ Marcus


Do you by any change know how to setup the xorcom asterisk patch which should work with asterisk sending rtp stream to orekaserver?

/ MArcus

There is nobody that have experience with the xorcom asterisk patch to send rtp-stream to remote oreka server?


Look at the number of reads for each posting. One can infer that there are very few regulars here, so the chance of their using some complex, unusual, combination is quite low.

you might be right :smile:

Hi normaly we just mirror the port on the switch to the port the call recorder is listening on.


yes, that might be a little bit easier to setup. will try that!