Asterisk Record()


I have one problem with the record() command.

If I use this command and the user hangs up, the recording does not stop and creates a zombie channel. However, I used the k option to keep the recording after hanging up.

Is there a way to stop the recording and save the file after the user hangs up?

same => n,Record(/etc/asterisk/Voicemail/${Message}:sln,qk)

Thanks you

What is the underlying technology of the caller? Provided it is told the channel has hung up, it will be terminated. If that isn’t occurring then the problem isn’t Record but the channel.

Its a internal sip communication

i have this problem only with this command.

For each other call, the channel closes well it is only with recording

If it is SIP then Asterisk expects BYE request from client to terminate/end the session.
Check and see if this happens or not using sip set debug on

I just watched the debug

If I use an internal number (sip) and hang up the Bye options does not appear

If I call this extension with a mobile number for example, it hangs up well and the “bye” is displayed well

So it’s only with an internal number (sip) and with the record command. If I call someone else internally (sip) and hang up I have “BYE”

So that’s your starting point to figure out why it doesn’t send BYE.
A work around is to use rtptimeout or session timers

The problem comes from a packet problem lost in my VPN tunnel

Rtptimeout remains the best solution


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