Asterisk Realtime mapping

Hi all. I want to use a postgre database for manage the sip users. I’ve installed postgres and unixodbc driver but asterisk return me a error messenge. " config.c:920 find_engine: Realtime mapping for ‘sippeers’ found to engine ‘odbc’, but the engine is not available". I’d like to know what is it?

Do you have the development files installed for unixodbc and have you recompile / reinstall asterisk after you install these files?


but where can i found that? unixodbc-dev?

the exact name depends on your distro, but it will probably be a package that ends in -dev or -devel, something like that.


Thanks for all that help me. I’ve got what I wanted.

I had the same problem I have installed the unixODBC-devel on my Fedora Core 6 boxused
make clean
make install

for the Asterisk but still getting the same problem

Any help