Asterisk Queue

I am using asterisk queues from quite some time, but I have always use them in single server scenario. I have a question regarding Asterisk Queues functionality. It is about using a stand alone SIP Registrar and Media gateway with Asterisk only doing Queue functionality

SIP phones register on a registrar (could be any SIP registrar) "Machine A"
PSTN lines in SIP media gateway (could be any PSTN to SIP gateway) "Machine B"
Asterisk for Queues functionality “Machine C”

How should I configure Asterisk to achieve above functionality.


Your question is very broad, but I will do my best to answer it.

You would want “Machine B” as a PSTN gateway to which you would trunk your registrar server “Machine A” via SIP or IAX2 for inbound/outbound dialing. “Machine A” would trunk to your queue server “Machine C” via SIP or IAX2 for terminating calls destined for queues (by dial pattern/extension #). The call routing between the machines is dictated by dial pattern and / or context within your Asterisk dial plan.


Thanks for your answer Bryan but sorry I am unable to understand your answer (or maybe I was unable to convey the question correctly)

I think I should divide the scenario in simple questions.

My first question

I will be using a separate machine as a SIP Registrar and a separate machine running Asterisk with Queues configured in it, call from Media Gateway will be forwarded to Asterisk and put in Queues. What configuration should I do to make Asterisk aware of which Queue member are online?