Asterisk play sound and WaitExten for answered

the scenario I want to do with asterisk; -A sip user calls out

  • When the called phone is answered, a message is played to it
  • A bridge is created between the caller and the answerer when the answerer presses a key How can I do this, when I call, the direct bridge opens, if I use a macro, waitexten does not work.
    Thanks for answers

Macros have been deprecated for many years. I’m not particularly surprised that they don’t work well with WaitExten, given that actually causes a complete restart of the dialplan. It is not something you can use in a macro or subroutine that is expected to return.

I would say that in your answer subroutine you should use Read to get the keypress. I believe this is a common requirement, so there should be lots of examples.

You can use a GOSUB_RESULT value to abort the call, or even send it off into a telemarketer torture script. Setting it to CONTINUE will cause Dial to complete the bridge, normally, so no need for an explicit bridge.

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