Asterisk php agi get data

Hi all,

I am pretty new to asterisk. I have almost completed an application using phpagi and asterisk. The problem for the ivr section I am not able to use 1 as the dtmf key. That is beacuse I am always getting the out put as 1 if the user enters no value or timeout occurs. Please help me on this. My console out put is follows, You can see result=>1 there. This is when I am calling the phpagi get_data function.

[Feb 25 05:17:40] DTMF[23948]: channel.c:3066 __ast_read: DTMF end passthrough ‘4’ on SIP/9085686666-0000002d
phpagi/firstauth.php,4,SIP/9085686666@,34343,1891: 1test
phpagi/firstauth.php,4,SIP/9085686666@,34343,1891: Array
phpagi/firstauth.php,4,SIP/9085686666@,34343,1891: (
phpagi/firstauth.php,4,SIP/9085686666@,34343,1891: [code] => 200
phpagi/firstauth.php,4,SIP/9085686666@,34343,1891: [result] => 1
phpagi/firstauth.php,4,SIP/9085686666@,34343,1891: [data] =>
phpagi/firstauth.php,4,SIP/9085686666@,34343,1891: )