Asterisk parked channel is not able to enter dtmf

I have two Users. User A and User B. User A call to User B then User A park to B and A automatically hangup. After that B is parked and if B want to press dtmf digit in asterisk with phone then it can not allowed. so how to send dtmf and work with that when channel is park.

Parking the other party is an unusual thing to do!

There is no pbx thread running for a parked call, so nothing to process DTMF, although nothing stops the phone actually sending it.

There was a thread last week about escaping from parking by dialling an extension. I think the possibility of using a local channel was mentioned.

Thank you.
Asterisk 13. When call is parked then parked user not able to send dtmf that i want to know. if they press ** then also call is not disconnected because dtmf not worked

if you have any settings for channel B who is parked on parking lot, can press any dtmf and call to parker, so we can get that call connected faster instead of parking timeout.

if you have any previous old thread for same stuff, then can you give us

They are within the read before posting time frame and it will take me almost as long as you to find them.