Asterisk on the cloud for a company

Hello everybody,

I am looking for a solution to provide a company network using a remote Asterisk that is running on the Amazon Cloud.
There are hundreds internal phones that have IP adresses of the LAN and Asterisk server is outside that LAN.
The problem is to reslove a SIP client to deliver INVITE message and another problem is to route the message.

I suppose VPN is a solution, but before I go this way:
Does Asterisk has any support to resolve LAN SIP clients when it is outside the LAN but hundreds of SIP clients are within the LAN?

Thank you

I would not use a virtual machine for production use, even less so, one where I didn’t control the host. I would have a server on each physical site.

However, if you must use a third party virtual machine, I would definitely use a VPN and lock down everything except VPN access to that machine.

If you have hundreds of phones on site, definitly use a LOCAL PHYSICAL server. Everything else will cause a lot of grey hairs …