Asterisk On Small Platform Issues

Question. If you buy an Asterisk switch from a company like
or or other small variants that is precompiled and the version
of Asterisk they have loaded is missing things like blacklist , whitelist and
AstDB are you pretty much stuck or would there be a way to work around
or emulate those missing parts?

If blacklist could be emulated one would also need a CLI command to
remove entries from that list.

As a second item they do not have feature codes pre-built. In the U.S.
where you would use *60, *69, *70, *71 and *72 they are no where to
be found. I understand some countries use codes like 21 and #21#
but they are also missing. Is there a way to work around this in the
dial plan for Analog phones wired off FXS ports?