Asterisk odbc realtime sip registration

hello all

i need a little help

there is a asterisk box with full realtime odbc configuration with mysql.

i need create sip users with same sip names…

example :



all this configs are in sip mysql table .


Not possible.

You are probably confusing device and extension names. Whilst that can simplify dialplans in single tenant environments, it does work for multi-tenant environments, and its is bad security practice in all environments. This is true even with pure text file configuration. type=peer is also usually better for security.

firstly thanks for answer.

with odbc there are two parameteres sipusers and sippeers => sip.table

but how i can do this as mult-tenant… with php ? or with database? another table configuration as view ?

and all these parameters (odbc module) are staticly and its problem.

who can tell me anything about this?

Friend is equivalent to setting both users and peers.

You must use device names that are distinct and translate the extension to the device name. You could use but that isn’t particularly secure.

can you show an little example ?