Asterisk not listening for clients on eth1


I’m sure I’m missing something here, but I’m running Trixbox 1.1.1 (Asterisk, Centos 4.3 ) and I just can’t get the server to respond clients on eth1.

My config is pretty simple - I’m using bindaddr= in sip.conf which I assumed bound to all active IP addresses…

eth0 - internal LAN: this works fine. Phones connect and can make calls.
eth1 - Internet connection: trunks etc work great and I link to FWD, Sipgate etc no problem. However, it just desn’t seem to listen for SIP clients on eth1.

If I swap over the IPs (ie swap physical LAN connections) the system still only listens for calls on eth0.

If I specify the IP address of eth1 in sip.conf, then the server will pick up calls on this port, but not use eth0.

Help !!


This sounds like a firewall issue to me. You can check it by running the command “service iptables stop” and then try connecting. Don’t leave this down for too long, as you are VERY vulnerable at this point in time. See if that allows inbound connections. If so, simply configure your firewall to allow the asterisk ports as defined in the manuals. If you need a nice robust firewall (IE, you are putting one interface on the internet), then I recommend Bastille. Hope this helps to get past the issue.