Asterisk not detecting dialled number

I have installed libpri-1.4.9, asterisk-1.4.18, zaptel-, wanpipe-3.3.16. I have done straight forward installation with defaults. For all spans I have give the context value “default” i.e when call comes it will go to default context and then I will handle the call. The problem is that when I dial 2020 (shortcode given by the telco, backend number is 03001149011) , the cli shows the message " – Going to extension s|1 because of Complete received
– Accepting call from ‘3024006083’ to ‘s’ on channel 0/13, span 4 "
it should display like
– Accepting call from ‘3024006083’ to ‘03001149011’ on channel 0/13, span 4

it means asterisk is not detecting the dialled number there fore the default extension ‘S’ is called.
Can anybody tell me what is the problem? and how to fix it.


Dirty temporary sollution.
Put in default context extension like:
exten => _X.,
and see what happens.
This is dirty solution and is better to be used only and alone for very limited tests.

ya i have already solved it temporarily with ._ but problem will come when i will have to handle another short code, my extensions.conf is like

exten => s,1,Answer()

exten => _.,n,Set(__DEST=2020)
exten => _.,n,SetCDRUserField(${DEST})
exten => _.,n,Goto(T20_SERVICE,s,1)

exten => 03001149011,1,Set(__DEST=03001149011)
exten => 03001149011,n,SetCDRUserField(${DEST})
exten => 03001149011,n,Goto(T20_SERVICE,s,1)

if someone dials 2020 then it should go to 03001149011,1 (03001149011 is the backend number for 2020) but it is going to s,1 and the to _. ,


“Complete received” suggests to me that the problem is upstream of Asterisk, i.e. Asterisk has been told that there are no more digits to come.

i think you are right. but can the issue be at telco end or at my end? if any one can suggest the solution?

Depends on the signalling. For any common channel system, I think the sender would have to make that decision, e.g. Final Address Message in SS7.

I have ISDN pri with ccs. The signalling slot is 16.

Take careful look at dialplan. you can try removing any other contexts except default.

have tried this but no success

‘s’ means it is going to the default asterisk extension, called ‘s’, because you registered to a provider without a parameter of an extension.

‘s’ is an asterisk variable for default. Post your sip.conf with the register statement.

I think you are going off on a false track. It seems to me that the network is sending end of number with no digits, and Asterisk is handling that appropriately.

yes david. I agree with you. I have searched for the cli message “Going to extension s|1 because of Complete received” in source file chan_zap.c and found that this asterisk displays this message when it does not recieve any digit. chan_zap.c contains the following comments:
/* Some PRI circuits are set up to send no digits. Handle them as ‘s’. /
Set DNID on all incoming calls – even immediate /
No number yet, but received “sending complete”? */

It means asterisk set the DNID on all calls but as it is not recieving any digit so it is not setting this variable. The problem seems to be at the telco end. I will talk to telco and will get back here with outcome.