Asterisk.NET and AstManProxy


I need to write a fairly simple dialer in C#, so I have started using Asterisk.NET. I ran into the problem of connections getting lost and found several posts saying that a proxy will sort the problems. I have downloaded and installed AstManProxy (1.21) which is running fine. However Asterisk.NET doesn’t connect to the proxy, I just get a Protocol Identifier timeout. Has anyone else got Asterisk.NET to work with AstManProxy?

You might try … on+Manager

It was designed to connect to the HTTP manager interface on Asterisk 1.4. I was never able to get Asterisk.NET to work through AstManProxy.

Thanks for the suggestion, I should have said in the orginanl post but we are using Asterisk Business Edition which is based on Asterisk 1.2. So I can’t use the connection manager. I’m going to try a different proxy as I think its down to the astmanproxy changing the protocol identifying slightly. I’ll post back here if I get any further with this.