Asterisk NAT bug when using non-standard port

Hi everyone!

If I use TCP port as 5060, then there is no problem… Calls goes normaly, with two way audio.

If I use other TCP ports, then, there is one-way audio. I’ve search over internet and found a lot of same complains. Some of them stating that’s an Asterisk bug. Is that true? Any workarround? I’m using Asterisk 16

You need to post your configuration and the actual console output. That said, SIP signalling has nothing to do with the media, except that SIP negotiates the parameters. If 5060 works, then it is likely a configuration problem on one of the sides.

Sounds more like you are relying on SIP ALG in a router, which is only recognizing port 5060. If so you should disable that, as it is generally a bad thing, then work out what is wrong with your configuration (likely to be incorrect use of signalling address, media address or local networks…

Asterisk 16 is no longer supported, except for security fixes.

Which channel driver are you using? (chan_sip is, effectively, no longer supported.)

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