Asterisk n password PABX

hi …
i have been instal asterisk to call ptsn via linksys sap 3120
here extensionsm.conf

;dial to 021 dari voip via spa-3120
exten => _021x.,1,Playback(thank-you-for-calling)
exten => _021x.,2,Playback(queue-callswaiting)
exten => _021x.,3,Playback(pls-hold-while-try)
exten => _021x.,4,DIAL(SIP/1234#9${EXTEN:3}@301,20.rt)
exten => _021x.,5,Hangup

when call to number ptsn exsample 021 7509788 will be forward to 301 with password pabx ( password=1234#9) when will be dismis 3 digit in front ( 021 ) but i capture in spa-3120 only show 1234 without #9 .

how to allow key #9 cant sent to spa-3120 ?

here screen capture spa-3120 ( bold only )

PSTN Line Status
Hook State: Off Line Voltage: -7 (V)
Loop Current: 28.6 (mA) Registration State: Registered
Last Registration At: 9/2/2008 19:22:09 Next Registration In: 18 s
Last Called VoIP Number: Last Called PSTN Number: 223
Last VoIP Caller: Last PSTN Caller: ,
Last PSTN Disconnect Reason: VoIP Call Ended PSTN Activity Timer: 30000 (ms)
Mapped SIP Port: 5061 Call Type: PSTN Gateway Call
VoIP State: Connected PSTN State: Connected to PSTN
VoIP Tone: None PSTN Tone: None
VoIP Peer Name: it-pc PSTN Peer Name:
VoIP Peer Number: 302 PSTN Peer Number: 1234
VoIP Call Encoder: G711a VoIP Call Decoder: G711a
VoIP Call FAX: No VoIP Call Remote Hold: No
VoIP Call Duration: 00:00:01 VoIP Call Packets Sent: 61
VoIP Call Packets Recv: 93 VoIP Call Bytes Sent: 14640
VoIP Call Bytes Recv: 14880 VoIP Call Decode Latency: 60 ms
VoIP Call Jitter: 4 ms VoIP Call Round Trip Delay: 0 ms
VoIP Call Packets Lost: 65535 VoIP Call Packet Error: 2
VoIP Call Mapped RTP Port: 16386 >> 0