Asterisk mysql

i installed mysql and asterisk-addons ,and then configed res_mysql.conf with below:
dbhost =
dbname = test2
dbuser = root
dbpass = 123456
dbport = 3306
dbsock = /tmp/mysql.sock
,and then i configed extconfig.conf with:
sip.conf => mysql,test2,sip_conf
sip_conf is the table i had created in mysql, when i start asterisk,
Jun 9 17:10:21 WARNING[10484]: res_config_mysql.c:388 config_mysql: MySQL RealTime13: Failed to query database. Check debug for more info.
can some one tell me why?
thank you!

Just check out your problem. Managed to simulate it here. Your exconfig file should look like the below.

sipusers => mysql,test2,sip_conf
sippeers => mysql,test2,sip_conf

Remove the sip.conf and replace with the above.

thank you, i will have a try