Asterisk MYSQL ODBC errors

Hello Sirs,

I have random res_odbc errors and have searched on Internet for weeks however there are many toppics about this I did not find an answare.

I have one Centos 7.0 server which is running Asterisk 13.7.0:

I have updated the ODBC to latest version: mysql-connector-odbc-5.3.7-1.el7.x86_64

Another server is running Mysql:

A prefect match in drivers is not available since I already update it.

The error is Random, sometimes days not and somtimes each hour multiple times.

Sometime my Asterisk did chrash but since a >> pooling => yes << it does not crash anymore but still these errors.

It cause realtime issues all over the platform , Extensions, CDRS etc.

ERROR[8573][C-0000793a] res_config_odbc.c: No database handle available with the name of ‘asterisk’ (check res_odbc.conf)
ERROR[25101][C-00006e8a] res_config_odbc.c: No database handle available with the name of ‘asterisk’ (check res_odbc.conf)

enabled => yes
dsn => asterisk-connector
pre-connect => yes
pooling => yes
limit => 1
idlecheck => 3600

Description = MySQL connection to ‘asterisk’ database
Driver = MySQL ODBC 5.3 ANSI Driver
Driver = MySQL
Database = asterisk
Server =
User = asterisk
Password = xxx
Port = 3306

Antother error I found:
[Jan 3 10:18:36] WARNING[3795] cdr_adaptive_odbc.c: cdr_adaptive_odbc: Unable to retrieve database handle for ‘asterisk:cdr’. CDR failed: INSERT INTO cdr (

Thi serror is new since I have changed: Pooling = yes and CPTimeout=120

[MySQL ODBC 5.3 ANSI Driver]