>-asterisk-misdn-answering machine


I want to use an iternal answering machine of my siemens gigaset 4175 and not the nice one of asterisk.

Incoming call comes in and answering machine starts.
When call gets hanguped the answering machine records until memory eaten up. If I playback the recorded call I hear the message and after that the “beep beep beep” of the hanguped line.

CLI says:
Urgent handler
– removed pipe for PLCI = 0x101
– Executing Hangup(“OH323/R9063”, “”) in new stack
– Hungup 'OH323/R9063’
Urgent handler

  • IND : HANGUP pid:1 ctx:isdnout dad: oad:02212005647 State:CONNECTED
    –> l3id:820040
    –> cause:16
    –> * State Connected
    I SEND:DISCONNECT port:1 pid:1 mode:NT addr:51400101
    –> l3id:820040 cause:16 dad:2005647 oad:02212005647 channel:1 port:1
    – Executing Hangup(“CAPI[contr1/2005647]/3”, “”) in new stack
    Urgent handler
    – CAPI Hangingup
    Urgent handler
    – removed pipe for PLCI = 0x201
    Urgent handler

If I look at the misdn-channels at this point:
misdn show channels
Chan List: 0x817d448
Bc:0x8128284 Ast:(nil)

  • Pid:1 Prt:1 Ch:1 Mode:NT Org:* dad:(null) oad:(null) ctx:(null) state:CLEANING
    –> astname: (null)
    –> ch_l3id: 820040
    –> bc_addr: 51400101
    –> bc_l3id: 820040
    –> display:
    –> activated: 1
    –> echo_cancel: 1
    –> echo_tics: -8
    –> notone : rx 0 tx:0
    –> bc_hold: 0 holded_bc :0

Any suggestions how I can get my problem solved?

I use 1.0.7.dfsg.1-2
and misdn out of cvs (because of the new hfcsusb-driver).